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Alive Octagon Studio - Cars 4D+ Cards

Alive Octagon Studio

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Alive Octagon Studio - Cars 4D+ Cards
Alive Octagon Studio - Cars 4D+ Cards
Alive Octagon Studio - Cars 4D+ Cards

Our love affair with cars and automobiles is no accident. We have always been fascinated by how cars and automobiles play an important role in our daily lives. Whether chasing down the ice cream truck casually cruising along the neighborhood or going to school aboard the faithful yellow school bus each and every day, some of our best memories revolve around these powerful machines.

Introducing the Cars 4D+; a set of Augmented Reality flashcard set depicting various types of cars and automobiles. Scan the individual cards to reveal the many vehicles ranging the alphabet. From the letter A represented by the Ambulance to the letter Z for the Zoo Transporter, learn about the cars’ history, virtually take them for a ride and put your driving skills to the test by overcoming various obstacles provided within the app.

Unlock all the cars by inputting the serial number printed on a card within the Cars 4D+ flashcard box. Please note that one serial number is only applicable for 3 devices.  

Once the serial number has been submitted, the entirety of the flashcard deck is unlocked. The deck includes the following automobiles: 

  • Ambulance
  • Bus
  • Car Transporter
  • Dumper Truck
  • Electric Car
  • Fire Engine
  • Garbage Truck
  • Hearse
  • Ice Cream Van
  • Jumper
  • Kit Car
  • Limousine
  • Mail Van
  • News Van
  • Oil Tanker
  • Police Car
  • Queen’s Royal Car
  • Recovery Vehicle
  • Snow Mobile
  • Taxi
  • Utility Vehicle 
  • Van
  • Woodie Station Wagon
  • X-Ray Car
  • Yellow School Bus
  • Zoo Transporter

View the individual cars in detail and learn a bit of their history by accessing the Garage Mode. Zoom in to view the intricate details of the cars, or zoom out to view them from any angle you wish. As each car is unique, users may tinker with all the available options specifically designed for each car.

Put yourself behind the wheel of the cars and virtually take them for a ride in Drive Mode. Each car not only looks unique but also handles differently! Whether challenging the infamous ring of fire in the police car or negotiating slippery muddy terrains in the jumper, Cars 4D+ provides an exciting and interactive Augmented Reality automobile experience for the whole family.


Product Information
Language: English
Cards: 27 pieces (26 Automobile Cards + 1 Instructions Card)
Item Weight: 90 grams
Product Dimensions: 11.7 x 7.2 x 1.1 cm
Paper Finish: Durable Thick Art Paper (Doff Laminated)
Serial Number available for 3 devices.

App Specification:

Minimum Processor:
Operating system: iOS: 8.1 or Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean”
Not compatible with Intel Atom Processor